machine gun love

⭐️ you won't ever put me out again, I'm glowing ⭐️

  • me: I should go shower now
  • (five minutes later)
  • (another five minutes later)
  • (yet another five minutes later)
  • (more five minute intervals)
  • someone: (goes into the bathroom)
  • me: wow fuck you I was JUST about to go take a shower


you never realize how much you love sleeping until you have to wake up in the morning 

(via all-too-well)

  • me: shout out to my parents for combining their genes to create the most unattractive, weird, annoying and awkward person ever
  • bae: come over
  • me: i'm in me mom's car
  • bae: my parent's aren't home...
  • me: broom broom